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Technology Expo

What kind of companies can apply for funding?

We do not have any limitations on the industry, size or company's age.
Your company needs to be based in South Ostrobothnia or have significant part of your operations in the region. 

How does the investment work?

If we agree to work together, we will define a valuation of your company.
Our fund will get a shareholding in your company depending on the size of our investment. In addition to our equity investment, you can apply for other types of funding, like a loan or grant from banks and public sources.

What kind of companies will get funding?

We seek to support companies that have ambition to grow internationally and have a unique product or service concept, ideally their own technology and intellectual property. But we can also invest in very early seed stage companies that do not yet have revenue, as long as we believe in the team.

What kind of companies will not get funding?

We prefer (almost) ready teams. We tend to shy away from single entrepreneur companies unless there is visibility of the core team getting started. The team is essential to success.

How to get started?

Best if you have or prepare a pitchdeck. Drop us a line and we will schedule a meeting to review you current status and plans.

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